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March 17, 2021

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We are a community built for creatives and we want to be by your side through out your entire life cycle from the foundations of your business to helping you scale and create passive income. 


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Hi friends,
If you’ve been with us at Evolve anytime in the past decade, you might have noticed some changes, and a few new faces around here.  When Co-Founder Kortni Ellett left us in 2019 to focus on her family, it left a gaping hole in my heart and in yours. While we can never replace her or the love our community has for her, we are beyond excited to bring in some new blood, and a fresh set of eyes. I have been scouring to find individuals with just as much passion and love for the creative industry as myself and Kortni had in founding Evolve. An Individual with the skillset to lead a team, grow business, and connect with you all in the way I personally love to do! 

Enter the amazing and beautiful Noella Andres. She’s been my right hand and saving grace for almost a year now. Helping keep the back end of Evolve going and growing as we pivot and navigated through the chaos of 2020. She is not only a brilliant businesswoman, a leader, an educator, a multi-passionate entrepreneur, and a mother, but she’s already deeply rooted in this creative community that we all call home. 

With many years under her belt of teaching and guiding young entrepreneurs, she brings another strong element of support to us all as we continue to build out platforms and educational events that are designed to meet you where you’re at in your businesses. 

After many long hours, deep talks, and late nights Noella has agreed to join Evolve as our new COO. I look forward to the many years ahead in having her run Evolve by my side, and  I can’t wait for you to fall in love with her the way I have. 


Jamie Founder and CEO  

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