January 26 - January 29 2025


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Imagine coming home and being welcomed by not only your friends new and old but educators you adore, brands you use and love, hosts ready to serve you- all in a setting that is both casual, fun, inspirational, motivational AND educational. 

At Evolve, our events are all about f**king the hierarchy, screwing the unrealistic goals, harmony over hustle and instead we thrive on creating an environment that eliminates gate keeping. We encourage healthy growth in both your business and personal lives and want to see our industry thriving. 

We bring educators to the table that WANT to connect with you. It's true, we actually personally interview our educators ( shocking- right?)  to make sure that they want to put community first. You will see them dancing up a storm at our parties, having deep conversations in corners, encouraging circles and motivating everyone around them. 

If you were to pick an event to attend this year, make our homecoming the event for you. You can always pull up a seat at our table. 

What is homecoming all about?


Miles Witt Boyer

Paul Von Rieter

Brittany Boote

Whose going to be announced next?