an intimate community event all about reigniting your passion + purpose


September 18th, 2022-september 20, 2022

Let's get back to focusing on what really matters. This is a small, intimate retreat led by Evolve CEO Jamie Richins-Findlay to help you cut through the clutter, reconnect with your purpose, and make a plan for the next phase of your business. 

We will be heading to Charleston, South Carolina where Southern hospitality meets historic downtown and seascapes meet incredible sunsets. 

Quality education, individualized support, dreamy styled photoshoots, and community building activities, this is an event that you don't want to miss. 

What is this event all about?

sunday sept 18

monday sept 19

tuesday sept 20

8 pm - 10 pm

VIP Group Dinner



at a glance

The schedule

5 pm

Styled Shoot Meet up

5:30 pm - Sundown

VIP Styled Shoot
1 + 2 at Folly Beach

9 AM - 1 PM

Welcome + Morning Sessions

1 pM - 2:30 PM

Lunch Break

2:30 pM - 4:45 PM

Afternoon Session - Shaun Austin Gordon

6 pM - 8 PM

Styled Shoot
Session 3

9 AM - 11:15 am

Morning Sessions - Jamie Findlay

11:15 AM - 12:15 PM

 Lunch Break

12:15 pM-
4 PM

Afternoon Sessions - Guest Speakers 

6 pM - sundown

 Optional Goodbye Dinner + Excursions


3:30 pm - 4 PM

Arrival & Check-in

at a glance

The schedule

next day

sun, sept 18

3:30 pm - 4 pm

Arrival & Check-in

5 pm

VIP Welcome & Meet Up


5:30 pm - sundown

VIP Styled Shoot 1 + 2 at Folly Beach

8 pM - 10 PM

VIP Group Dinner

MON, sept 19

9 am - 1 pm

Welcome + Morning Sessions

1 pm - 2:30 pm

Lunch Break


2:30 pm - 4:45 pm

Afternoon Sessions

6 pM - 8 PM

Styled Shoot Session 3

tues, sept 20

9 am - 11:15 am

Morning Sessions - Jamie Findlay

11:15 am - 12:15 pm

Lunch Break


12:15 pm - 4 pm

Afternoon Sessions - Guest Speakers

6 pm - sundown

Optional Goodbye Dinner + Excursions

Jamie Findlay

Hey! I'm Jamie. Evolve founder and CEO, mother, philanthropist, and recovering oreo addict. My mission is to help you not only make more money but do it without sacrificing things you love... like your sanity. 

I've run multiple successful companies over the past 15 years. When photography became more than just a passion, Evolve was created so I could be for others what I always wanted for myself… your industry best friend. 

I'll be your guide during this retreat to help you clean up your business, focus on what really matters, and give you a solid structure for your business moving forward.

Meet your leader

Destination Editorial Photographer

Shaun Austin Gordon

More speakers
coming soon!

Guest Speakers

Becoming You: A deep dive to help you get past emotional blocks that are affecting your business 

All of our guest speakers are hand-selected based on the needs of attendees. We'll send you a survey after you register so that we can meet you right where you are now

Hey beautiful people, I am Shaun Austin Gordon. I come to conversations having already taken care of me so that I can be present and to handle the weight of wherever the path leads us. The depth doesn’t scare me because we all have a story and that is what I want to hear because I want to know you. I help photographers go from starving artists to successful.

I am married to a world changer who is in the business of transformation. Powerful, leader, lover, and beautiful are words that come to mind when I think of her. I have three children that are becoming amazing adults. Being in life with them is an honor. I am so grateful for all that I have. I love the Lord and I also cuss. Sorry if that offends you. Let’s talk about it if it does. Let’s open this shit up and grow together. Joy fills me when I get to stand in a space where we reflect on where we are and realize that we were made for more.  

Jamie findlAy

Shaun austin gordon

noella andres

rodney brown

yan palmer

twyla jones

laurken kendall

THERE'S more!

Kortni Ellett

morgan olsen

Devin robinson

jon taylor sweet

heather nan

Jackson wood

jodi lynn buckles

THERE'S more!

Our Educators

Your Idaho lineup

The 3 Styled Shoots

beach editorial - VIP 

Female Model(s) casual businesswear mixed with swim, water, sand and stunning lighting. This shoot is for VIPs only on September 18. 

beach bridal - VIP

Beautiful etherial gown, flowy fabrics, ending in the water as the sun goes down. This shoot is for VIPs only on September 18. 

Downtown Couple

A walkabout editorial engagement session with a focus on authentic connection, utilizing the unique aspects of downtown Charleston. This shoot is included for all attendees on September 19. 

Showcasing all the beautiful spots that Folly Beach and downtown Charleston have to offer, Jamie will be hosting three beautiful shoots all reflecting her signature editorial styling. All three sessions will help you stretch your skills in all types of lighting (a must in editorial work), as well as gain access to Jamie as she guides you though the way that she lines up her shots, prepares for these type of commissions, utilizes different types of lighting, and manipulates fabrics in her signature way. 

"My heart is blown away by Evolve Workshops and everything they have challenged and encouraged me to go after in my business. To all the photographers out there who are feeling stuck or are seeking inspiration, Evolve is the place to be at. Workshops are one of the GREATEST investments you could ever make and Evolve is one of those workshops who will literally turn your whole life upside down and flood you with the some of the most amazing resources you’ll ever receive."


"My heart is blown away by Evolve Workshops!"

"I really loved just the community we formed while I was here. We all became really good friends and there was no drama or cliques, it was just a great environment to be around. That's what I loved about this probably the most. Of course the shooting and the learning and stuff was great, but I love the community that we built the best. It was awesome!  

— Kayla Fisher

"I really loved the community!"

VIP EXPERIENCE - Sunday September 18

As a VIP, you get access to all 3 of our amazing content shoots, plus a Private VIP gRoup dinner!

For a limited number of attendees, we will also have a VIP group lodging option included in your ticket. Contact us to see if any spots are still open! 

More About Evolve...

Evolve is more than just a conference, online events or retreats. It is also a community. A community of thousands and thousands of creative entrepreneurs from around the world. 

It's been said more than once that Evolve has been life changing. Hell, we even had an attendee tattoo the logo on their arm after one event {that's extreme love}. There is a reason our community members come back time and time and time again, with more than 80% of the community attending yearly events.
For nearly a decade Evolve has been THE community creatives join to stop feeling so alone, to gain clarity and support on their entrepreneurial journey, and to elevate their business quicker than any other event out there. We gather leaders who teach to serve, not just teach to sell. Leaders and community members who understand that giving is living, who operate from a place of intention, and who know together we are stronger. 

We are a really fun bunch



When and where is Charleston being held? 

What are the Covid-19 protocols?

The location will be announced soon but Charleston Retreat is taking place September 18th- 20, 2022. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to attend and what is included?

Regular admission tickets are $795 and $1495 for VIP. Both admissions include your daily entry into ALL education plus a group styled shoot on September 19. VIP Passes include not only your ticket to the educational event but also special VIP only day with two additional styled shoots and a group dinner. 

What type of topics and classes are offered? 

This entire event is created to help you re-jumpstart your business after covid as well as give you the opportunity to create new relevant content. After registering, we'll send you a survey to find out exactly what you need right now in your business so we can tailor our guest speakers and topics to support YOU!

Can I connect with the Evolve Community before the event?

Absolutely! We have a group facebook page where community members can communicate on ride sharing, room sharing and get to know each other!

What is your refund policy?

Unfortunately there is a no refund policy on tickets. Settings, snacks, venue size etc is all set based on tickets sold. You can however transfer your ticket for a $50 transfer fee up until July 1 2022.

How do I get around, and where should I stay?

Closer to the event, you will be sent a list of recommendations for transportation, accommodations, how to pack, etc.

As we have seen, the COVID-19 protocols are evolving. We are continually monitoring updates and will be providing specific event protocols, as instructed by the Idaho State Government and CDC, closer to the event date. Full details on testing requirements and preventative measures will be sent to attendees.

shoot US an email

We completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one! Get in touch with your questions! 

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