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May 16-17, 2023


Starting at $1800


The Evolve Content Series is unlike any other event you’ve ever attended with us before. It’s your opportunity to not only explore some of the worlds most beautiful locations, but to portfolio build in the most iconic and epic locations you’ve ever seen. This event is created with both wedding and editorial photographers in mind.

With over 20 years of fashion styling under her belt, Jamie Findlay will utilize her brand collaborations, styling team support, as well as the support of other artists to oversee the curation of two days worth of shoots that promise to be a reflection of her high end, high fashion work. Couples and portrait models will be available both days so you can choose to shoot what works for you and your portfolio and customize the looks you need for growth.

Unlike other content series out there these aren’t simply styled and our team walks away, Jamie will be on hand the entire 2 days to guide, direct, pose and anything else you’d like to learn to really elevate your portfolio to the quality you’d like to finally see reflected in your work.

Since its Iceland and the light is stunning all day long we will have multiple sessions going on at each location for several hours to allow you time to shoot until your hearts content.

Each day will have a totally different location for 2 completely different Icelandic locations for you to add to your portfolios {as well as several shoots at each location}.

What is Iceland all about?

Checkout Our Last Iceland Adventure

What You Can Expect to Shoot

Our team of stylists and brands will work with Jamie {creative director} to bring in a variety of content looks, ranging from couples, styled elopements, portraits, high fashion editorials and more. Each day will have all of these elements included.

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Jamie made her mark in the photography world by starting out as a fashion editorial photographer, with a fashion styling and design background. She continues to photograph fashion editorials and destination weddings around the globe and will be on hand to help you create epic content to attract those dream clients you’ve always wanted!

Unlike other content events [not hosted by us 😉] Jamie will remain on hand both days to teach and support so you are guaranteed the most of your trip.

Meet your host

This Content Series Is For You If...

You love adventure, seeing new things and exploring the unknown

You’re wanting a dozen new sessions in a 2 day period to update your portfolio

You Crave community and connection with others in your industry

You are ready for something fun!!

You are ready to invest in yourself and your portfolio in 2023

What's Included?

Everything for the content shoots will be included with your ticket. You will receive vendor information and logistics files for each shoot in advance of the event. 

Lodging, transportation, and food is not included however we will provide extensive recommendations to help you plan your trip. Evolve is all about community, we recommend connecting with other attendees to share hotels & transportation! 




stunning florals

All the styling is covered so you'll will get a wide variety of images and have a kick butt time doing it. 

1 Day Shoot Pass

  • may 16, 2023
  • 4 styled shoots

$1600 ($200 off!)

2 Day Shoot Pass

  • black friday bonus: vip day trip to the blue lagoon 

$2400 ($400 off!)

Black Friday Sale!

get a FREE VIP day trip to the blue Lagoon with purchase of a 2 day pass!

Normally $2800

  • may 16-17, 2023
  • 8 styled shoots

Sale price + bonus valid until Saturday, December 3!

Normally $1800

- Jocilyn B -

"Thank you so incredibly much for the fabulous workshop. It was literally a dream come true. And the inspiration and education from so many power house photographers was mind blowing. My business will now become so much more than I could have imagined before my experience with you all. Now, I want to do another workshop!"

The inspiration was mind-blowing

- Alyssa h. -

I thought the styled shoots were CRAZY good (LIKE REALY REALLY GOOD) and they totally exceeded my expectations. Jamie’s styling skills of the gorgeous models was beyond and I died at each one bc they looked SO DANG GOOD. Many of the images I created at Evolve are some of my absolute favorite to date and I honestly feel that they helped me grow as a photographer and grow my brand by helping me create such awesome content for social media and my website. 


-India earl -

It's just like a little family. It's weird how people can be strangers for one day, and then all of a sudden we're just like really good friends... It's just kind of fun because we all get so close so fast. I met some of my very best friends at workshops, and I'm still very close with all the girls I met at Evolve before. SO I just want to keep coming back for that. 

Just like family

Travel Details




things to do

Getting here

The Content Shoots will be taking place in the Southwest Region of Iceland, approximately a 2 hour drive from Reykjavik. The closest major town to stay in is Vik. You can also choose to stay in Reykjavik and, which has many more lodging options, and drive back and forth each day. We will provide a list of lodging recommendations as we get closer to the event!


Travel Details

Getting here




things to do

To get to Iceland you will fly into the Keflavík International Airport near Reykjavik. There are airport buses to get from the airport into Reykjavik, and you can also rent a car from the airport. We recommend renting a car for your entire trip since the Content Shoots will take place in remote locations outside of major towns.


Travel Details


Getting here




things to do

Iceland is an incredible country to explore! From natural hot springs to volcanos, whale watching tours to the bustling city of Reykjavik, we definitely recommend spending extra time getting to know all that Iceland has to offer. Iceland is also a quick flight away from many other European countries if you choose to add on more cities to your trip!

Is this a workshop?

Content series are offered around the world and it is NOT a workshop, nor is it intended to run like one. Unlike a workshop where we have multiple days, dinners, bonding to connect, a content series and the connections that come from it are really up to you and the effort you put in. We’ve seen lifelong friendships come from these, but it's all about how you use your time during and after the event that matters!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know ahead of time?

Prepare yourself with a good attitude, and a willingness to grow. Unlike sessions you shoot yourself, you will be in a group setting with other photographers shooting at the same time.

Kindness and patience is key to making the best of it. We do have staff on hand ensuring people are taking time to allow others to shoot at every station, BUT it is up to you to come knowing that you’re going to want to maximize your time with each model, and that you’re willing to voice any needs you might have while you’re there. We have NEVER once had an issue at these events, but it is important you come understanding it is a group shooting event.

We encourage you to be intentional with your shots, get creative, collaborate with your group to capture something new and unique! The best part of these events… you have absolutely no obligation to deliver the images, so take a deep breath, relax and get creative!

What should I bring?

Literally anything you’d like to try out, prisms, fabric to shoot through, new lenses etc Iceland is also fickle weather so bring good sturdy walking shoes you don’t mind if they get wet, as well as a warm jacket/ sweater {layers are best}, and a rain jacket goes a long way! May generally is about 55 degrees for the high, so be prepared to keep yourself comfortable.

Unfortunately we cannot control the weather, so come prepared as well with waterproof coverings for your gear, hand warmers, water etc. If bad weather does happen we will roll with the punches, rotate models in and out of dry conditions, shoot for longer, etc… We will do our best to make it epic no matter what!

How large are groups?

We try to keep groups to a 5 person max, but it really depends on the number of sign up’s. The more people we have the longer the shoot time will be so don’t allow this to stress you.

Is transportation provided?

Because this is not a workshop everyone is responsible for their own food, travel, and transportation. We will not provide anything apart from the shoots on site. However, we will give you an awesome PDF after signing up that gives you information on getting around, where to stay, what to expect etc.

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We completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one! Let's chat it out and see if this course will benefit you! 

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