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Idaho Homecoming

Idaho Homecoming

Join us in gorgeous Eastern Idaho for a welcome back event like no other! For people tired of feeling out of control, feeling like the business you've built is slipping away, unclear on what to do next, and in desperate need of relevant new content.

 Regain your clarity, inspiration and motivation. 

Monday, august 2 - Thursday, august 5th, 2021

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a welcome home event

With over 20 years of fashion styling under her belt, Jamie Findlay will utilize her brand collaborations, styling team support, as well as the support of other artists to oversee the curation of two days worth of shoots that promise to be a reflection of her high end, high fashion work. Couples and portrait models will be available both days so you can choose to shoot what works for you and your portfolio and customize the looks you need for growth.

Unlike other content series out there these aren’t simply styled and our team walks away, Jamie will be on hand the entire 2 days to guide, direct, pose and anything else you’d like to learn to really elevate your portfolio to the quality you’d like to finally see reflected in your work.

Since its Iceland and the light is stunning all day long we will have multiple sessions going on at each location for several hours to allow you time to shoot until your hearts content.

Each day will have a totally different location for 2 completely different Icelandic locations for you to add to your portfolios {as well as several shoots at each location}.

What is Iceland all about?

Every photographer's dream, with epic mountain views, lakes, forests, sand dunes and more. More variety in a 20 min drive than nearly anywhere else in the world. 

Add in quality education, styled photoshoots, community building activities and networking events (dare we say-parties) and this is an event that you don't want to miss 

Content, Community & Connection


The Idaho Homecoming Event

Kortni Ellett

morgan olsen

Devin robinson

jon taylor sweet

nathan holritz

paige Griffith

yan palmer

twyla jones

heather nan

Jamie findlAy

laurken kendall

Shaun austin gordon

jodi lynn buckles

Jackson wood

Your Idaho lineup

Our Educators

Jamie findlAy

Shaun austin gordon

nathan holritz

paige griffith

yan palmer

twyla jones

laurken kendall

THERE'S more!

Kortni Ellett

morgan olsen

Devin robinson

jon taylor sweet

heather nan

Jackson wood

jodi lynn buckles

THERE'S more!

Our Educators

Your Idaho lineup

Creating Great Content, and Using it to Book you SOLID

Automating your business and scaling

System & Workflow Break outs: Get yourself Organized

Increasing your visibility

growing an Email list

Roadmapping your Business, setting it up for success in 2022

Artificial Lighting

Building a brand that sells

Pricing and Sales Strategies that convert

Getting your Financials in Order

Repurposing content like a pro

"I really loved just the community we formed while I was here. We all became really good friends and there was no drama or cliques, it was just a great environment to be around. That's what I loved about this probably the most. Of course the shooting and the learning and stuff was great, but I love the community that we built the best. It was awesome!  

— Kayla Fisher

"I really loved the community!"

25+ hours of EDUCATION

3 days full of learning, FUN and Community!


Live parties and networking events

The schedule

Aug 2

aug 3

Aug 4

aug 5

9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

11:00 AM - SUNSET

8:00 PM-10:00 PM

9:00 PM-11:00 PM


2:00 PM-6:00 PM

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM


8:00 - 9:00 AM

9:00AM - 3:00 PM

5:00 - 9:30 PM

Registration & Packet pick up

Optional at $150 each:
Epic Content Creation Shoots in local locations.
Mountain Overlooks, Desert Oasis, Hillside Fields, Downtown Rooftops & more 

VIP Passholder: Sand Dunes Content Creation Sessions

Lava Hot Springs Expedition to the Geo Thermal Pools for VIP Ticket Holders

Welcome Social

Optional at $150 each: 
Epic Content Creation Shoots 

Educational Lectures & Breakouts

Showroom Open & grab and go Breakfast

Educational Lectures & Breakouts

Educational Lectures & Breakouts

 click to view full schedule with session topics and content shoots!

"My heart is blown away by Evolve Workshops and everything they have challenged and encouraged me to go after in my business. To all the photographers out there who are feeling stuck or are seeking inspiration, Evolve is the place to be at. Workshops are one of the GREATEST investments you could ever make and Evolve is one of those workshops who will literally turn your whole life upside down and flood you with the some of the most amazing resources you’ll ever receive."

india earl



"My heart is blown away by Evolve Workshops and everything they have challenged and encouraged me to go after in my business. To all the photographers out there who are feeling stuck or are seeking inspiration, Evolve is the place to be at. Workshops are one of the GREATEST investments you could ever make and Evolve is one of those workshops who will literally turn your whole life upside down and flood you with some of the most amazing resources you’ll ever receive."

ivy christina



ivy christina


The opportunity to create a solid clear roadmap for success. 

How does this sound?

Access to tools to utilize the content you have and turn it into bookings + create new relevant content. 



What you're going to get

Classes on things that move the needle. Things that you need to be doing right now... no more wasting time.


Connection to leaders with a soul
{what I like to call them} people who really care and want to see you succeed. 


Have so much fun... like a lot of fun! 



This      for you if:

ready for growth and freedom in your business

You’re not ready to implement strategies to make the changes you need

You’re ready for a little adventure again

you're a negative nancy or dramatic debbie 

You’re ready to create a more solid roadmap in your business 

It's probably       for you if...

You already think you know everything



It's probably
for you if...

À la Carte Content Shoots 

$150 FOR Local ShootS ON AUGUST 3RD. Must have a ticket to the event in order to participate. ALL CONTENT SHOOTS are above and beyond ticket cost. VIP Ticket holders get the sand dune bundle included however still need to purchase the content shoots. 

More About Evolve...

Evolve is more than just a conference, online events or retreats. It is also a community. A community of thousands and thousands of creative entrepreneurs from around the world. 

It's been said more than once that Evolve has been life changing. Hell, we even had an attendee tattoo the logo on their arm after one event {that's extreme love}. There is a reason our community members come back time and time and time again, with more than 80% of the community attending yearly events.
For nearly a decade Evolve has been THE community creatives join to stop feeling so alone, to gain clarity and support on their entrepreneurial journey, and to elevate their business quicker than any other event out there. We gather leaders who teach to serve, not just teach to sell. Leaders and community members who understand that giving is living, who operate from a place of intention, and who know together we are stronger. 

We are a really fun bunch



When and where is Idaho being held? 

What are the Covid-19 protocols?

In Pocatello Idaho, the center of Southeastern Idaho. Just a few hours from Jackson Hole, Park City, and Sun Valley, on August 3-5th. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to attend and what is included?

Tickets are $495 on presale, and include your daily entry into ALL breakout and group lectures. The only thing not included are shoot passes [styled shoots held on another day and for purchase individually]. VIP Passes {limited to 50} Include not only your ticket to the educational event, but all 5 sand dunes sessions being held on August 5th.

What type of topics and classes are offered? 

This entire event is created to help you re-jumpstart your business after covid, to be a part of a small intimate group to get the answers and attention you need, as well as give you the opportunity to create new relevant content. 

Will I get to listen to each and every speaker?

Every main stage speaker is in a general session for all to hear. Breakouts will be up to you to choose the class you most want to attend. 

Can I connect with the Evolve Community before the event?

Absolutely! We have a group facebook page where community members can communicate on ride sharing, room sharing and get to know each other! We will also have a welcome event that is included in your ticket price!

What is your refund policy?

Unfortunately there is a no refund policy on tickets. Settings, snacks, venue size etc is all set based on tickets sold. You can however transfer your ticket for a $50 transfer fee up until July 1 2021.

How do I get around, and where should I stay?

Once you purchase your ticket, you will be sent a link where you can log in to view all the event details such as transportation, accommodations, how to pack, how to book your shoots etc. 

As we have seen, the COVID-19 protocols are evolving. We are continually monitoring updates and will be providing specific event protocols, as instructed by the Idaho State Government and CDC, closer to the event date. Full details on testing requirements and preventative measures will be sent to attendees.

shoot US an email

We completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one! Get in touch with your questions! 

Still on the fence?