Living Intentionally with Stacey Foley

November 3, 2022

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Stacey Foley. Coach. Motivational speaker. Wellness guru. All around incredible human. We were jittery with excitement to finally pair up with Stacey to offer a course on intentional living during our Charleston retreat!

Stacey is a master at helping people (women especially) rediscover themselves. Perhaps you’ve been ignoring that inner voice for too long. Maybe you’ve been overwhelmed with who you THINK you should be, not who you truly are. Or it could just be that the daily grind of life (or the all-consuming aspect of motherhood) has caused you to lose sight of the person you truly are.

Our Charleston retreat focused not only on the business aspect of photography, but also on building up the individual. If you’re anything like us, the stress and chaos of running a business has caused you to push your individuality or needs to the side. Who has time to look inwards when you have clients pulling your focus at all times of the day?? 

While all of these challenges are real, and we’ve lived many of them, taking time to reconnect with yourself is crucial for a life well-lived. Taking small steps to live more intentionally can make a huge impact in a person’s life and business, and we were grateful that Stacey helped us start down that much desired path. 

When taking the first steps to live an intentional life, you first must ask yourself 4 questions:

  • How do you want to live your life?
  • When do you feel most in alignment with yourself?
  • What makes you light up inside?
  • What do you want to be remembered for?

Read on for some of the most impactful insights we gained on how to live a more full, purposeful life that is in alignment with your ideals and values. 

Women Especially Struggle with Living Intentionally

Let’s face it. As women we prioritize EVERYBODY before ourselves. We spend most days in auto-pilot. And if you’re a mom….forget about it. Absolutely everything comes before yourself. We end up serving everybody before serving ourselves, and often times the end result is feeling lost. 

Intentional Living Requires Boundaries

In order to live intentionally, you must create boundaries and prioritize yourself. These simple acts may mean that people currently in your life leave. Hard as this may seem, this is an essential step towards living intentionally.

Knowing Your Values is Key

When you lose your values, you begin to lose yourself. Usually, this happens in small steps….not speaking up for something you believe in, wearing clothes to ‘fit in’, hiding who you truly are in a situation. Getting out of touch with your core values puts you on a path to losing yourself.

Living Intentionally Gives You the Ability to Embrace Who You Truly Are

Stepping into a life where you live each day intentionally means being authentic to yourself. Every. Single. Day. The steps you take to live intentionally require you to reconnect with yourself on a core level…something that is desperately needed for many of us. 

Stacey’s Steps to Intentional Living

If you’ve found yourself resonating with the challenges of living out of alignment with yourself and the desire to live a more intentional life, we have good news for you. Try taking some of these actions that Stacey prescribes to start living a more intentional life. 

  • Follow your passion/energy
  • Be still/practice being still
  • Do daily check-ins
  • Journal
  • Practice intentional gratitude

We can’t wait to see how you’ll use these incredible tips on intentional living from Stacey! Learn more about this amazing human at www.thestaceyfoley.com. Never forget that you are good enough. You are worthy. You are deserving. You are perfect just the way you are.

Much love,

The Evolve Team

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