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How to Use Pinterest to Boost Your Business

March 8, 2021

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You should be on Pinterest right now.

No, not to get lost in a rabbit trail of dinner recipes and dreamy home decor.

Pinterest is a marketing secret weapon and it’s time that you utilize it to increase traffic to your website, build your email list, and grow your business. It’s not just for big brands or beauty bloggers, it’s helpful for you right now – even if you’re just starting out!

3 reasons why Pinterest is helpful for entrepreneurs:

  1. You don’t need a large following to get engagement. Because Pinterest is a search engine, not social media, you can get connected with a lot of people if you use it right! Your content matters way more than your following.
  2. You might have a client that needs help with Pinterest. By learning it now and having a track record of success with your own business, you’re building a highly marketable skill!
  3. You can learn and grow from the information available. Yes, we’re focusing on creating in today’s post, but Pinterest is also a great place for you to learn and collect a resource library of everything from design tips to productivity tools to blog posts like this one!

What to post on Pinterest as a Small Business Owner:

  • Your own blog posts
  • Freebie graphics
  • All your Instagram posts
  • Helpful infographics
  • Quotes for entrepreneurs
  • Niche specific content (photography or blogging, etc)
  • Work from home lifestyle ideas like desk inspo
  • Marketing tips for your clients
  • Resources for people in your industry
  • Time management solutions
  • Anything that relates to your ideal client

Your main goal on Pinterest should be to pump out content that goes directly to your website or a landing page for your email list!

This not only benefits you in direct ways, but Pinterest’s algorithm highly favors fresh, new content. You can use the same link, but try mixing up the images you make and the text on your Pins to see what performs the best. Pinterest wants to push out your content to people who are looking for it. This is a team sport and the more pins you create, the more you both win!

When creating new pins, you need to keep 2 major factors in mind:

  1. SEO aka Search Engine Optimization. Know your ideal client and what they would be searching for. Depending on your niche, they might be looking for anything from “summer wedding photography inspiration” to “social media marketing help.” Try to write titles and descriptions that’ll help connect to the right keywords.
  2. Visuals + design. Pinterest is a visual platform and looks actually really do matter. Don’t worry if you’re not a professional designer, this is where Canva comes in! You can find tons of free Pinterest templates or buy more branded templates. For stock photos, you can use places like Unsplash to find great images that’ll tie to the content you’re creating. Stock photos do really well on Pinterest, so don’t underestimate what you can do with free!

The number one key to Pinterest is CONSISTENCY!

Just hopping on Pinterest and repinning or creating 50 new pins won’t do much good. It’s better to trickle out your content with several posts each day. How the heck do you do that without feeling chained to your computer?

Well Pinterest actually has the best auto-posting setup of any marketing platform! Tailwind is your new BFF for Pinterest and it’s worth every penny. You can basically set it and forget it. It helps you batchwork your Pinterest and get tons done in a short amount of time.

Tailwind is an official Pinterest partner so they’re always up to date on best practices and they work together to help you succeed. I use it and love it! I even have a referral link to get a FREE month of Tailwind:

It doesn’t hurt to hop on Pinterest and manually pin every once in a while. The Pinterest algorithm does seem to like you being engaged in your home feed. Plus, the analytics are best directly in the Pinterest business hub so be sure to check that out.

And YES, if it wasn’t already clear… you DO need to switch from a personal to a business account! It’s not a bad idea to start totally fresh, but if you do want to keep your personal account, be sure to set those food boards and outfit inspo to private unless it lines up with your niche. 

Pinterest can be overwhelming at first, but don’t fear…

Once you get the hang of it, it becomes really fun and enjoyable. It has the potential to transform your business and help you succeed.

Now be sure to follow me on Pinterest and I’d love to follow you too! If you have questions about anything we’ve covered, be sure to email, DM, or hit up our facebook group!

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