It feels like a lifetime ago that we gathered together, post covid the annual Homecoming event was the best thing we did. Capped at 100 persons so we can connect and get to know you all, this is truly the best event of the year.  

We have put together a roster of amazing educators/photographers for this event and some really sweet content creation shoots. The goal with these shoots is to stretch your creativity, update & grow your portfolio, and have some fun! See details below. 

Santa Barbara

April 21, 2024 + April 23, 2024

Annual homecoming event

Join Clare Cassidy in this beachside family session focused on storytelling through layering, and micro composition.

Description from Clare: I’ll ask my attendees to watch me for the first 10 minutes and then break into smaller group (2) and let them have 2 minutes directing the models as a team. After everyone is done, we’ll go into the water and have another round of storytelling in the waves (my forte). My hope is for the attendees to learn how to get INSIDE the frame and not to be afraid of cropping or being super close. To think outside the box while shooting (rule of 3’s, wide, medium and extremely tight shots). Also, how to use the lights properly, to quickly get flares and clean shots within few seconds. 

Join Clare Cassidy in this fashion editorial featuring multiple models, focused on teaching you how to work with harsh lights, how to play with shadow, and why harsh lights are great for editorial shoots. All models will be styled in gorgeous fashions in styles similar to the mood boards. 

 Clare will team you how to make good use of the poses, how to be intentional with the set up, and how to utilize the harsh lights. At the end, the models will go into the water. 

Interactive teaching shoot.

John will have a beautifully styled bridal model for you to not only take photos of for content, but will be teaching you how to capture behind the scenes content of you working to use in your social media, as well as talking with you as you go about the ways having this type of content will benefit your business. 

Travel through Santa Barbara as John helps your fill your archive with B-roll and more! 

Join Hailey Faria for a stunning harsh light session involving a gorgeous couple. Downtown city vibes highlighting stunning Santa Barbara. 

You can expect to learn from her in real time as she lets you shoot as well as shows you how she chooses poses and prompts in the moment based on the couples interactions and vibe. 

We will walk through how to add emotion, play and story to an editorial style bridal model shoot. 

Oftentimes these sessions can feel stiff and “shallow”. The goal will be to find small narratives both in the moment and while editing to tie together a story that feels emotional.

There will be an emphasis and lesson on intuitive photographing and how you can become deeply connected with your subject. You will walk away with beautiful images that feel emotionally charged.

Join Editorial Photographer Hailey Faria for a stunning family session beachside. 

Attendees can expect to learn from Hailey as well as get epic shots of your own as she looks for and watches for emotions between the family composing the whole story in unique ways, while allowing the family to feel the space they are in. 

Clare Cassidy

Clare Cassidy

John Branch

Hailey Faria

Jennifer Moher

Hailey Faria

The Art of Anticipating with Layering {Family}

Writing with Light {Fashion portraits}

Creating your Own Content {Bridal}

A santa barbara escape {couple}

ethereal beach bridal

Filling/ Feeling the Space {Family}

Join International Wedding Photographer and sensation Fer Juaristi for this unique styled couples session. 

Fer will teach you his unique way of creating a couples session without relying on the romantic only. The easy photo is the kiss, the hug... what would happen if we see our couples as musicians, actors and play along? 

Rodney Smith was the master of doing that, and Fer will honor his life with this shoot. 

Fer Juaristi

Channeling rodney smith in 2024 {Couple}

creative Content series schedule

April 21st 6pm

APRIL 21st 11AM

April 21st 230PM

Each creative session is $150 and needs to be booked/paid for in advance.
We expect these shoots to fill up quickly so if you're eyeing a session up, don't delay!
Spaces are limited for maximum instruction and shoot time.

Only those with either general admission or a Elite Access Ticket can attend our creative content sessions.
If you'd like to purchase a space please go back to the main page and purchase your admission first.  

We will walk through how to create a cinematic narrative for couples sessions that is filled with emotion and metaphor. Together we will photograph a dancer couple on the beach at sunset with a story/theme woven throughout.

Focus will be on asking the question “what happens next?”, building out your characters (ie understand the desires and emotion of the couple) a heavy focus on emotion and how to foster and document it.

You will walk away with skills that will help you create images that illicit an emotional reaction in your couples, yourself and your potential clients.

Jennifer Moher

a mermaids odyssey, a narrative couples session


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