This online course covers everything you would ever need for Instagram! This isn't just a PDF friends, this is a big fat full course dedicated to all things instagram and made for the creative entrepreneur. We first go over determining your Ideal Client and figuring out your brand personality cause without those, no matter what you do with your marketing, it will be a hot mess! 
Next we dive into your profile/bio, setting up categories, different types of images you can use, creating captivating captions, making your grid look TIGHT, influencer marketing, engaging, stories, hashtags- oh my! 

This is an online course, you will get access to it all upon purchase. 

Curated by Noella Andres

The Features

The Curated Grid

01. 8 Modules + over 20 lessons

02. understanding your insights + knowing what to do next.

03. BONUS: caption formula worksheet

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