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The Intimate Charleston Retreat We All Needed

October 27, 2022

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September took me to a city full of southern charm, historic buildings, and stunning beaches. Charleston. 

What was originally meant to be an Evolve Homecoming event transformed into a smaller, intimate experience. A retreat focused on gaining clarity in our businesses, and our lives. It turned out to be just the event that our attendees – and myself – really needed. 

Charleston was a great reminder that we still have the power to connect even post-COVID. That coming together as a community is always fulfilling and that friendship and support are needed at every level of the game. 

While the content shoots and the southern food were tremendous, the real highlight of Charleston was the daily connection and the interactive classes that really helped move the needle for each of us. 

Photographer: Jamie Findlay | Models: @hannnroseee @polaki_what | MUAH: Davian Whitaker | Florals: Petal and Peach

Day 1 was entirely devoted to focusing on “Becoming You”, dissecting the parts of us living in lack and getting us to a point of wholeness and clarity. Shaun Austin Gordon led us through some truly transformational exercises full of reflection and takeaways with staying power. 

One of my favorites? “We can only take offense to what someone else says if there is something in us that believes they could be right. Therefore I’m offended by me, not by you.”

Stacey Foley led an inspiring session all about intentional living, and was asking us the hard questions like:

  • “How do I want to live my life?” and 
  • “When do I feel the most in alignment with myself?” 

Photographer: Jamie Findlay | Models: @kegmadi & @oliviadenmeade | MUAH: Davian Whitaker

Day 2 was focused on pulling apart our businesses as they are, and fleshing out what stays, what goes, and what is new coming in. 

Kerry Anne inspired us with amazing tips and tricks to boost our business and our bank account. We talked everything from sales to pricing and everything in between to set us all on the right track for success.

I led attendees through a roadmap strategy that helped us get tangible on our short and long-term goals, building off of all of the work we had done thus far so that we could leave with a set of concrete next steps. 

Photographer: Jamie Findlay | Models: @kegmadi & @oliviadenmeade | MUAH: Davian Whitaker

What did we all walk away with? New perspectives on our businesses – yes. Strategies and tools to implement them? Of course. But the real wins were the profound mindset shifts that I saw occur for each of us. 

I think this beautiful takeaway from Hanomaly Photography sums it up just perfectly. 

“The one major thing I’ve come to realize this week is that to level up and slow down the way I want it isn’t about adding things, but giving intention to where I’m at and leveling up there. A new skill, another option, more chaos isn’t going to help me give time to the things that matter personally and creatively.” 

Thank you to our incredible Charleston attendees and speakers! Watch our blog for more recaps on some of the big lessons that came out of this retreat. 



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