How a welcome series can increase your email open rate.

March 6, 2021

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What is a welcome series? Email Marketing is so so incredibly important and we know that, right? We throw a spot to opt into our mailing list on our website then call it a day right? Wrong! You need to constantly be engaging your audience and a welcome series is the perfect ( and easiest ) way to stay on the top of your audience’s mind and build trust between the two of you. 

Why is a welcome series important?

A welcome series can do several things for your audience but the most important one is that it builds up trust between your readers and you. They immediately get to know who you are, why you’re doing what you’re doing, how you can help them and what solutions you can offer them to their problems. 

When you have a welcome series setup, it obviously increases the interaction and engagement that you have between your list and you which in turn, increases the changes of those interactions leading to action. 

Welcome series saves so much time! We know you’re busy. With an automated welcome series, each and every time a new name is added to your list, your pre-made welcome email series is delivered straight to their inbox. It’s that simple. You don’t have to create and send a welcome email every time a new contact signs up, which means you’ll spend less time creating individual emails and managing your list. You create the welcome email once and it’s automatically sent to new subscribers. Your audience is instantly being engaged by you! 

4 Emails you must include in your welcome series

  1. Welcome & Introductions: Imagine you have a storefront, someone walks into the store and every single staff member ignores them. Without a welcome email, you’re that staff member ignoring their potential clients. One of the most important parts of a welcome email is GRATITUDE! You need to express your gratitude to them for joining your email list. 
  2. The Story: You need to connect with your audience on a more personal level here. How does your story relate to theirs? What can people learn from your story that would help them in their business or life. WHY are you doing what you’re doing in your business. For me, I was a mom who wanted to be available for my kids more, my ideal clients also want that freedom so my story will make them feel connected to me and like we could be bffs. 
  3. Value Added: Give them something that will help to solve their pain points whether it is a freebie, printable, 5 tips or a blog post. This email should be full of value for your ideal clients. 
  4. The Sell: You shouldn’t even attempt to sell anything to your audience till you reach the 4th email. By the 4th email, you have built up some trust and engaged in your audience enough that they may want to purchase something from you at this point. 

Pro Tip 1: Each letter should end with a hand off to the next email for example, “ Make sure to keep an eye out for my next email titled “ What you can learn from my story”. This email will reach your inbox in two days and is so amazing because….”. 

Pro Tip 2: The power of a simple call to action. All of my emails end in a P.S. with a simple call to action for example, “P.S.S. Respond to this email and tell me a bit more about you!”. 

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